How to achieve fast change in a business that moves slowly

Businesses struggling to meet their performance objectives understand that significant organisational changes must be made. However, the time investment required to make changes that have an impact on the bottom line can often be too great a risk.

How Hansaya Consulting successfully implements and manages change

In today’s fast-moving industries, an agile company equals a successful one. Leaders need to be able to make decisions quickly, managers need to be able to react swiftly, and employees need to be able to adapt more willingly. The pressure is on companies to simultaneously deliver instant results and grow in an increasingly competitive environment. This pressure can force companies to enact change without the proper preparation.

Implications of a no-deal Brexit on manufacturing in the UK

Manufacturing currently accounts for approximately 10% of the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP) and, contrary to speculation about the sector’s recent stability, ONS data published at the beginning of 2019 reported that it was positively contributing to GDP while others sectors such as construction and agriculture lagged behind (Office of National Statistics, 2019).