In today’s fast-moving industries, an agile company equals a successful one. Leaders need to be able to make decisions quickly, managers need to be able to react swiftly, and employees need to be able to adapt more willingly. The pressure is on companies to simultaneously deliver instant results and grow in an increasingly competitive environment. This pressure can force companies to enact change without the proper preparation.

Research shows that around 70% of all internal change initiatives fail. It’s difficult to predict the impact that change can have on a business, which is why proper implementation and integration is vital for companies to succeed when investing in new technologies and processes.

Change can be the catalyst for a company and mastering the art of changing quickly is now a critical competitive advantage. Companies no longer have the luxury of time to test and roll out new initiatives. Our role is to take companies through the change in a way that enables continuous, sustainable improvement.

Whether the change is small (such as the implementation of a new system) or significantly larger (such as a restructure).

Change is best managed through a series of stages, rolled out over a period of time. This is what the implementation cycle looks in practice:


People rarely welcome change because we are inherently averse to it. Resistance is the first phase of the change cycle, so it is natural for this to be felt in business.

Often businesses find the prospect of change overwhelming and encounter difficulty because they are not properly prepared. In this situation an objective perspective can guide you through the cycle.

Engaging with a consultancy can act as the catalyst to initiate change. We work hand-in-hand with all aspects of a business from operations, supply chain, engineering, and senior teams, to implement a wide range of new systems and ways of working. We support our clients through a process of leading, coaching and mentoring.


We build acceptance into our projects. Weekly steering group meetings, monthly milestones and project closing meetings are some examples of opportunities for our clients to remain in control of their own progress and have confidence in the results.

The recognition of the groups and individuals who are early adopters is a valuable component of change management.


Compliance requirements means complying with our project goals, i.e. whether initiatives are making savings, and at what rate they are returned.

Precise and careful monitoring of processes is essential to being able to measure its impact and evaluate success. Continued adoption needs to be monitored to ensure employees adhere to any change on every level.


We ensure there is an understanding of the importance and value of new systems and processes, in relation to performance management. We provide this clarity through targeted training, which is designed to enhance capability and improve motivation.


The usage stage introduces the application of new initiatives / processes without prompt or instruction. It becomes embedded in individual routines. We work with teams to give them the skills to use the systems, and the ability to manage the processes. We ensure that they are best equipped to handle any changes and customer expectations.


Finally, commitment to the cycle of continuous improvement, is how we ensure sustainability. Improvement becomes a part of embedded behaviour, i.e. not looking for reasons to drop new systems and processes.

As difficult as change can be, it is also an ongoing process and change management strategies should therefore be adjusted throughout. Businesses need to have the ability to adapt to rapid changes in order to stay relevant in changing markets and ahead of the competition, and to retain or increase their market share.

The Hansaya Consulting approach to change is successful because we fully understand the change implementation cycle. We know what businesses go through because we work closely with them. Our consultants are trained and experienced in guiding businesses through the change cycle.

Change programmes need the best implementers, and the team at Hansaya Consulting have the skills and approach required to manage a rapid set of challenges. We routinely deliver results-driven changes which focus on value added operational effectiveness.

Hansaya consulting have 10 years’ experience in rapid change management


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